Frontend Engineer

PYME del sector logística con gran crecimiento y expansión

This person will be part of a growing world class team of frontend developers and will work in a squad focused on one of the most important challenges of the company for the 2020. On one hand our frontend engineers constantly cares about how to escalate our technology, with special focus in performance, scalability and availability. On the other hand we are a product company, so as a frontend engineer you will care about understanding and improving our products, keeping our customers at the front and centrein all decisions and with a constant problem solving attitude, teaching and learning from other engineers. The role is to be part of the frontend development team, being a key part in the development of new features for our products, working side by side with other engineers to create exquisitely crafted features, with focus in the componentization and reusability. The role reports to the Head of frontend and the Squad Lead, and will be a peer to all the developers in their squad and the frontend team. This person will be a key member in all related with the technical analysis of the prioritized features, work alongside the design team and the PM to improve the user experience. As a part of the frontend team their opinion will be key to size the scope of the features in alignment with the product needs. The key responsibilities of this person will be to, among others:

  • Work alongside a multidisciplinary squad in the definition and development of prioritized features.
  • Give a strong technical point of view related with the scope and risks of all developments.
  • Understand, divide and solve complex problems in a creative and reasoned way.
  • Constant focus on performance, scalability, availability.
  • Keep the product in mind in every technical decision, looking for the balance between technical quality and business needs.

Acorde con experiencia




  • Engineer, Computer Science
  • Highly analytical and detailed-oriented frontend Engineer who is passionate about exquisitely crafted products, complex architectural challenges and is eager to work with the latest technologies
  • Ability to see the big picture of frontend architecture and use it or extend it to solve our product challenges
Valorables pero no imprescindibles: Requisitos valorables (pero no imprescindibles):
  • Product first mindset
  • APIs integration experience
  • Javascript experience (Ecmascript2015+)
  • CSS experience (Animations, Flex, Grid...)
  • Proactivity and focus on performance and reusability
  • Deep knowledge of Git
  • Experience in data model design and optimization
  • Experience working with W3C Standarsand APIs
  • Experience in TDD
  • Experience with Web Components (LitElement, Polymer)
  • Frameworks: Angular, Vue, React
  • Experience working in a Squads based organization
  • Bonus point for experience with Service Workers
  • Experience in PWAs
  • Experience working on projects with large user bases
  • Experience working with hardware lifecycle teams
  • Building tools like Rollup or Webpack
  • Experience making scripts in Node
  • Excellent communicator, both oral and written
  • Logical, structured and methodical thinker with problem solving abilities
  • A product first mindset person, with a constant focus on understanding the users and product needs
  • Highly analytical, data-driven and detail-oriented
  • Inquisitive and creative, always willing to innovate and move away from the status-quo
  • A team player, receptive to ideas from others. Excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to interact successfully with all levels of the product team
  • Adaptable with a “can-do attitude” always positive, proactive, and energized by working in a fast-paced environment characterized by constant change.
  • Clear eagerness to learn continuously

al menos 5 años


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