Alexandra is a curious China-based marketer, asking big questions and searching for the answers to connect the dots in digital marketing. A unique a combination of creative and analytical, Alexandra`s curiosity has kept her at the top of her game.

With her background in Media and Communications and later in Marketing at the Madrid School of Marketing, hard work motivated her to explore sales, marketing, digital strategy, and business development that further resulted in handling multi-disciplinary projects.

She is passionate about China’s digital economy or East Commerce; she believes WeChat and Alibaba are the most evolved platforms in the world and to look to China is looking at the future of what is possible in the digital space. No wonder why 42% of global e-commerce is happening here. That´s why successfully working in Spain, Alexandra explored Chinese netizens and their economic expansion, online consumer boom especially that inspired her to move to China where she connects Spain with local Chinese businesses and even helps them enter Latin American markets.

Alexandra has helped companies in China sell to Europe. With her experience, she has now turned to helping Spanish companies successfully enter the Chinese market.

Her expertise in digital marketing, social media, campaign management, branded content, copywriting, content strategy and content curation, branding and others have been greatly appreciated by the Chinese digital community and are in constant demand.

Alexandra can’t be of service, she may know others who can meet your needs. After all, creating and fostering relationships is critical to conducting business today. She loves making new professional acquaintances.