Enrique has more than 20 years experience working in Supply Chain and Logistics leading changes.
Expert in setting a new logistics design for your current business and a new B2C business line in companies.
Holistic insight with knowledge of Food, FMCG, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Steel, Energy, Pharmacy and Industrial sectors. Wide portfolio range.
Entrepreneur twice with very good knowledge of business.
Digital person, used to change and lean methods.
Global vision and high strategic skills.
Team leader with good soft skills
Lean expert.

He will help your company to improve their P&L statement through a new digital Supply Chain design:
• Include digital insight in all the processes to improve
• New strategy Supply Chain design, Omnichannel.
• Adapt logistics with a customer focus and digital design
• Setting right suppliers
• Using the proper technology and software at right price
• New digital team to face it
• Market places to use and connect to
• Solve all new problems for this ecommerce channel and current one
• Create a new team
• Control your cost under a defined Service Level Agreement

Ask Enrique:
• If you want your supply chain to be an added value for your customers and your business
• If your shops are always complaining about your logistics services and you do not know how to improve it?
If you want to develop ecommerce within your company and you do not know how to face the logistic challenge